Plus other completely uninteresting items

Useless NES Facts

  • Did you know some Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt carts don't have the official Nintendo seal of quality on them, like all other liscensed games do (to my knowledge)? It's true, I have one of them. I've checked out dozens of SMB/DH carts and they all have the seal, except this one I have. I don't know exactly how common they are, though.

  • Actor Robin Williams named his daughter Zelda, after, you guessed it, the NES game!

  • A sequel to the American civil war game North and South was released - in Japan only

  • It is rumored that the super-awesome game Sweet Home was in development for U.S. release. The reason it was stopped - the main producer killed himself after threats from the Japanese equivilant to the mafia.

  • European NES games were a lot more censored. The human heroes in Contra were changed to robots, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles had to be called Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles.

    List of TV shows on which I've seen NES stuff

    Saved By the Bell, Designing Women, Fresh Prince, Mickey Mouse Club, Growing Pains

    Names on my carts

    Did you ever scribble your name on every one of your NES games with permanent marker? Me neither, but for some reason a lot of people thought it was a good idea to do just that. Here's a list of names and other stuff written on my games (well, at least you can't say it's been done before). Who knows, maybe someone will read this and realize I have one of thier old games.

    Game, whats written on it (permanent black marker unless otherwise noted)

    Batman, 'T-95-A'
    Cobra Triangle, 'Bingham'
    Dance Aerobics, a mysterious 'A' scratched in and gone over in permanent marker
    Demonsword, Thomas Brown
    Donkey Kong Classics, Micheal A. Gee
    Galaga, Willis
    Gradius, Caasi
    Gremlins, (unintelligible writing all over it in silver)
    Guardian Legend, the same mysterious 'A' as Dance Aerobics, and I bought them in different places
    Journey to Silius, 'Video Plaza, 783-5771'
    Kirby's Adventure, (smothered in green fingerpaint)
    Megaman 3, Clark
    Ninja Gaiden 3, (no label) Ninja 3
    North and South, (same unintelligible silver writing as Gremlins)
    Quattro 4 sports, Video Mart - 344
    River City Ransom, 3456
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2, Willis
    Zelda 2, Willis

    Save file names

    Default file names for saves on battery backed carts

    Zoda's Revenge - 1. Shadow, 2. Little M.
    Dragon Warrior - 1. Ace, 2. Acey
    Dragon Warrior 3 - 1. Donn
    Zelda 2 - 1. Willis, 2. Derek