Site Log

02/09/01 Added a link, updated all of my faqs (plus added one for Sweet Home, check it out). Yeah, I know my site has been getting neglected lately, but you know how I am. My motivation comes in spurts. Besides, who can possibly think about "other things" when they've been playing Paper Mario? This game is amazing, lots of tunes from the NES series too, but now I'm just ranting. Ah well, til next time, I suppose...

01/22/00 I enabled a stat tracker for my site and was surprised to find that 80% of my hits come from search engines. I had thought the only people seeing this was people I gave the link to or followed a link. To help these visitors break into the NES fandom, I've made a page listing all major NES message boards and chats. Also, I updated the files page with a small quip about NESticle versions.

Added 10:14 AM: I have uploaded my translated Sweet Home ROM! Everyone get it! NOW! Look in Files. I also noticed that RealDownload is not letting me d/l files from my site.

01/19/01 Once again I am completely incapsulated with the game Sweet Home. I DEMAND you all download the game, it is a work of genious (there may be an already-translated ROM out there by now). Look for my SH FAQ in the upcoming paNESian press. In the meantime, I have uploaded 2 Sweet Home NESticle movies to the File section.

01/18/01 No update here, just an announcement. Just as I was planning to take off the long-outdated PaNESian Press logo from my site, it is coming back. It was the definitive newsletter for the NES last summer, and judging by peoples enthusiasm it will continue to be this way. Check it out here and subscribe. The first issue will feature an in-depth FAQ/Walkthrough for Sweet Home written by myself. I will also be contributing this month to NESjournal. Expect updating to continue after this is taken care of, both issues come out February 1st.

01/15/01 General maintenance update. I updated my profile and the games beaten page, plus fixed all of the links that had changed URLs.

01/09/01 I thought I'd review a game not many people have probably heard of, and I chose Desert Commander. I also added some links.

01/06/01 After many lazy days of putting it off, I've finally put this update together. Its a pretty big one too, 2 new sections, Golf!, and In-Depth Reviews, which has been kickstarted with a review of the timeless classic Blaster Master. Lately I feel as if every bit of humor I once had in me is now gone, and so right now I'm focusing on the information side of things.

I also (sorta) fixed the pesky cropping that was in the background pic of the table to the left, and I added a link to Flying Omelettes new page and took down the link to her old one.

12/28/00 This update was actually made yesterday, but something went screwy and 50megs lost it. Luckily it's nothing major, FAQs and .NSMs are now grouped into Files, there's a links page in the Shrine to Contra, and someone sent in some nice tips for my Street Fighter 2010 FAQ. And if you didn't see the announcement that was up yesterday, my absence over the last 2 months is because I had no internet access.

10/15/00 It seems the near endless stream of updates is coming to an end, for a while at least. Family will be visiting me for roughly the next 2 and a half weeks, so I'll have considerably less free time to work on the site. I might update though, who knows? Expect things to pick right back up again after this small hiatus.

10/13/00 Useless NES Facts added to the Fun Page. Frankly it is just filler to uphold my streak of updating every day (and I just barely made it on time), but it could be really cool if I add more to it. There's a few things I'm working on that will be up in the following days.

In other news, Rhett is working on a rarity list/buyers guide that highlights just the rare games, and corrects a few of the mistakes in the Etler list. You can see the unfinished product here, I just wish he'd go with .txt format.

It seems just about every active NES website is updating a lot recently, but none more than Tha NES Smackdown(besides this site). Check it out, it's good to see one of the best sites out there making a comeback.

10/12/00 Put up 2 more reviews, the total number is now at 21. Stinger had the dubious honor of being the 20th game reviewed for this site. I also reviewed X-Men, for some strange reason it seems my reviews of crappy games are my best, journalistically. Maybe it's because I have to stretch myself to fill space. I also modified my review template slightly, now the table cells along the bottom will be aligned to the top (I don't know why I didn't think of doing this sooner). Work has begun on a new comic.

10/11/00 Added to The Fun Page, with 2 new good reads, my top ten games list and the (hopefully) ever expanding list of games I've beaten. The Fun Page could qualify as an NES site by itself at this point. Why not add my games list as well? Well, I'll just say that I don't think I've ever clicked on or been even remotely interested in ever seeing someone elses games list, so I'm not going to waste the 30 minutes it would take to make the page myself.

10/10/00 Added to the links page, put up a link to the NES el33t, I recommend you check that site out. Also, I added another of my hair-brained rants.

10/9/00 I know, it's been a while :/ By request I've put up text links to everything on the main page, along with the gifs on the table to the left. Also, I have a new rant and an announcement. I will no longer try to build up a lot of material for a big update every now and then, I've observed from other websites that it's best to just put stuff up as you make it. Also, I will now have a lot more free time so now the NES Retreat is going into a period where it will be updated every 1-3 days, the updates will be smaller though. Plus, I will *try* to start making one comic a week. It's harder than you think though.

9/5/00 Lot of new stuff here;

+ Redesigned main page
+ Reviews for Super Mario Bros. and Castlevania III
+ All new review critiques section
+ All new .nsm's section
+ Renamed 'Other Crap' to 'The Fun Page' (sounds more fitting)
+ New links
+ I am now a part of the webring of GreatNES

I already have some ideas for the next update, as well. Well, I'm glad to see my site is on a lot more links pages nowadays, and I'm getting positive feedback on the site. The updates are coming back to full swing. In other news, I managed to beat Ninja Gaiden without dying after a good 20+ tries :D

9/3/00 This morning I redid my profile and the links page, as well as a few all around touchups. Nothing major, but I do have rough ideas for actual content next update. I want to remind people to check out the "Other Crap" section, even though the title may be misleading, that is where a lot of my stuff is at. Also, I just realized, the last 4 updates have been in 4 different months, although it is actually 2 sets of updates at the end and beginning of a month with a 2 month break in-between.

8/29/00 NES Retreat Special Report! Nintendo's Gamecube a sham! Top secret pictures of thier real next-gen system revealed!

Besides that, I have added a downloads section to the Shrine to Contra. Time to get the update ball rolling again, expect them to be spaced a few days apart again, for at least a couple more weeks.

7/2/00 Not much this time, I just added a review of Life Force and a few links. Also, I am leaving for the better part of 2 months, so this site will not be updated much in that time. Figures I have to go just when I get some aspirations for the site... I will be back briefly around the 17th so I may be able to sneak in an update in then.

6/29/00 Solid update today. I added reviews for Zelda II and Mighty Bomb Jack, as well as a couple things to 'other crap' and a new comic, not to mention the usual small cosmetic changes.This may well be the last update for a while since I will be gone for a large part of the summer. Oh yeah, and I lost my save state while writing the walkthrough for Sweet Home, so if anyone out there has a state before the lake, but preferably after all of that venturing around in the dark, mail it to me please!

6/21/00 SWEET HOME! Ah, it's like this game has been hovering above my head for the last 3 days, it owns me right now. I feel compelled to spread the word about this excellent game, nothing this update except for the Sweet Home review, but I am writing up the walkthrough which should be on in 1-2 weeks, I'm thinking about making a Sweet Home submission for the PaNESian Press, and possibly, there's maybe a minute miniscule chance that Sweet Home will be the next game to get it's own section on the NES Retreat. As for other stuff, sorry I must put that on hold. Must... play... Sweet.. Home..

6/17/00 Very crappy update. I added a catalog of my FAQs and a review of Super Mario Bros. 3 that is sure to piss someone off. I've been bitten by the lazy bug..

5/31/00 It's Wrath of the Black Manta day here at NES Retreat! I added the Wrath of the Black Manta section, as well as a review of the game, not to mention a Street Fighter 2010 review. Other than that, I added some links, made a few touchups, the basics. Now I'll divert my attention to the comics and interviews sections, I PROMISE.

5/29/00 Added some reviews, 10 reviews in all now! I added some icons to the reviews index key, created an update log under "other crap" (nothing much there yet obviously). I was planning on doing a lot more but I have to leave, I might pick back up if I get back early.

(late night update) I added crap to the 'other crap' section, added a guestbook, I found out I was accepted into the Ace Ebb fan club!!! YES. I had to wait a long time for my guestbook data to be emailed to me, so while I was waiting I started on a new section that should be up in a bit (I hope).

5/28/00 First actual update, I made 2 more reviews and created the links page this morning, I may add the rants section later today

(second update) I added the Rantings and Raving section with a rant to start it off. I made a couple overall cosmetic changes to the site.

5/27/00 What's new? For starters, this site. It's been a long standing desire of mine to create and maintain a page dedicated to the greatest system ever made, this is the result. And things are off to a good start. By popular demand, I've moved some of the stuff from Porygonalpha's World of Nintendo over to this one. I also have an all new reviewing system and some reviews definately worth looking at, and oh yeah, I'm continuing the comics, and have some new ones all ready. Take a look around, let me know what you think. I'll be updating a lot in the next few days, so hopefully by then it will have a lot more content. -DS