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What's New

12/4/02 Wondering what I've been up to lately? Check out my contributor page at Gamefaqs. Don't look at my Return Fire or Super Punchout reviews though, that's some old stuff.

04/07/01 Sorry... we're closed

I'm moving out, and once again entering a long period of time without 'net access, this time indefinate. Maybe one day I'll be back to launch NES Retreat v2.0, for the time being I'm leaving the site here for your perusal, as long as 50megs doesn't delete it, but the site is being officially closed right now (can I make a run-on sentence or what?)

I'll use the rest of this space to thank those who are or were fans of the site, it is far from the ambitious web-metropolis I envisioned at one time, but it is the best web endeavor I've ever done and I am wholly satisfied with the way it's shaped up. Thanks also to everyone at the Game Pond, those who continue to be a part of the evil NES Scene, and the FAQ writers and others from Gamefaqs. In parting.... PLAY SWEET HOME DAMMIT ;D

02/25/01 A winner is me! This site won an actual award, the 'NES, Fucker! l33tn3ss award'. That will be added to the assorted pics I have down at the bottom of this page. As for the update, I've added 4 new links. In case you didn't hear, is the latest dot bomb, and will be out of commission by the end of February. This is bad because everything in the "files" section is on there (since most free websites screw up txt files). I'll have to move them somewhere, and it will have to wait since I've caught a chronic case of laziness :D

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