Street Fighter 2010
Reviewed 5/31/00

I'm sure Capcom have been kicking themselves in the head ever since bastardizing the storyline of the Street Fighter series with this little-acknowledged installment. That said, SF2010 is a pretty cool game, just don't be expecting Street Fighter. The game is set in the future (really), and you play the part of Ken, who must avenge the death of his friend Troy (Ryu). While Ken and Troy are working on a new invention in their lab (WTF), someone breaks in and steals the experimental ooze and takes off with it, after killing Troy. The ooze spreads and creates "superalien" life forms, so Ken must retrace the killers footsteps and collect strength from the superaliens. But not before he becomes bionic.

The gameplay is fun, you start out with short projectiles that don't go too far, then as you collect powerups your shots go longer and longer. The play control is excellent and as you can flip, shoot in 4 directions, and cling to walls, even climb around some pillars. And the stages are pretty diverse. In each stage you have an enemy, once you kill it (or them, in some instances) you move on, very rarely is there a sidescrolling part such as in traditional sidescrollers, the boss is usually there when you start the stage and you must battle him until he's gone. It's not easy, either. some stages throw everything in the book at you at one time, while you're trying to focus on the main enemy. Overall, though, the game is difficult in a good way, not frustratingly hard. It has a nice learning curve, too, when you beat one stage a couple times you can usually beat it on your first or second try the next time through, regardless of how tough it seemed at first. It takes patternizing and a lot of action to get through.

Of course it's not perfect. It seems a little cut and dry for a Capcom game, it's definately not up to par with thier standard graphics. Sometimes they'll throw you an "in-between" stage where you just shoot a couple enemies that take one hit and move on. You'll be saying "WTF is that!?". But that doesn't matter too much. The sound can be both mundane and kick-ass, there are some stages whose music seriously rock. Some may not be suited to the gameplay, but I think it's alright. All of that said, I give the game a strong 75%, it's pretty good, but can get too run-of-the-mill after a while. I usually play it a lot for a couple days, and then put it away until I do the same thing a few months later, each time inching closer to the ending.

Graphics 6
Nowhere near what you've come to expect from Capcom
Not bad if it was another developer
Sound 7
Some tracks kick serious bootyhole!
A lot is mundane, though. The sound effects aren't what they should be
Innovation 8
Never played a game in this exact format
It's the bastard of the series
Gameplay 7
Nice, challenging levels, cool moves
Too straightforward, it gets confusing sometimes
Replay Value 6
Good to pull out every now and then
Can get boring

Overall Score