Krazy Kreatures
Reviewed 5/26/00

Call me krazy, but I really like this game (bad joke, I know). I would go so far as to say it's my favorite unlicensed game at the moment. made by AVE, Krazy Kreatures can be tough to find, but if you ever see it, it's not a bad investment.

Krazy Kreatures is part of a massive wave of puzzle games to come out in the early 90's, and manages to beat out a lot of other puzzlers that were actually authorized and created with official development kits. The game has a home-made kind of quality to it, the names of the developers scroll by when you start up the game, and the music and sound effects are elementric to say the least. Also, unlike a lot of games of this type, the game actually has a storyline, as told on the back of the box:

When you signed on as an intergalactic immigration
officer, you figured it was an easy way to make some
money, you were wrong. Transporting wave after wave of
wierd wild life from all over the universe is anthing
but easy.

It's really too bad they don't give out pulitzer prizes for videogames. The game itself is a simple matching game, mixed up with a fast moving wave of different shapes. You have to line up the shapes, diagonally, vertically or horizontally. The number of shapes-in-a-row you have to line up changes with each level. If the shapes completely cover the screen before you can line them up in groups and vanquish them, the game ends. Eventually, the wave stops coming, and then a timer comes up, giving you a time limit to get all the matches you can before moving to the next level. The less shapes left on the board by the end of the time limit, the more points you get. Sound confusing? It is.

The "waves" move ridiculously fast right from the start and only get faster after that. In lamens terms, the game is hard. I doubt this game has an ending, seeing as to how it's unliscensed. It does, however, have a scoreboard, and beating your highest score is the real challenge of the game. Adding to the quality of the game, it has various modes of play. There's two different types of games in 1p mode and cooperative AND head-to-head 2p modes. These are nice additions, but you more than likely won't use them much. It's still great considering the average quality of an unliscensed game.

All things considered, Krazy Kreatures is a game that does get boring after a while. While it's a good game, it's not quite great.

Graphics 5
The graphics are completely basic and rather bland
Smooth looking cover art, does that count?
Sound 5
Again, completely basic. Pac-manesque music and SFX
Innovation 7
One of the better, and more original puzzle games to come out of the era
Still, I can't help but get the feeling AVE was trying to leech off the popularity of games like Tetris and Dr. Mario
Gameplay 8
Fun game with different modes of play
Too repetitive, too hard
Replay Value 4
It's hard to play for more than a couple hours at a time
It's challenging, and it has a scoreboard

Overall Score