Demon Sword
Reviewed 5/26/00

Ugh. The very thought of this game lulls my senses. Demon Sword is the sequel to The Legend of Kage, which in my eyes is the biggest NES abomination the world has ever seen, even over Heroes of the Lance. The fact that this game actually got a sequel fills me with disgust, and is perhaps the worst part of all.

Demon Sword does make some considerable improvements to it's predecessor. The first thing you notice, the graphics are not just recognizable (which in itself would have been an improvement) but are actually pretty good. It has a cool looking intro, colorful scenery, the sprites look OK, it makes leaps and bounds over Legend of Kage in this catergory, though still not achieving what I would call "good graphics". The music drives you insane after 5 minutes of listening as opposed to a matter of seconds. Unfortunately, one thing stayed dead on in this hideous sequel, the gameplay

Passing most of the levels requires you to hold diagonal up while pressing either A or B repeatedly. That's it. Just hold diagonal up and watch out for enemies. You can imagine how this would numb your mind after playing for any length of time. B swings Kages ridiculously short sword, and A throws a shuriken off in a random direction, with 'up' as the jump button (which is extremely irritating, kind of like this game). Aiming the shurikens is tough, and the enemies move fast, so it's useless. Just swinging the sword over and over again is the most effective strategy, and has a pretty good chance of killing anything that is about to touch you.

The game isn't too difficult from my experiences, the real difficulty of this game is trying to keep playing. I usually turn it off as I'm reaching the edge of sanity. The monotony of it all coupled with the sound and play control could make any man go insane after a period of time. Demon Sword is a burning eyesore of my game collection. There's no real reason to buy this game, unless you want to test your will.

Graphics 5
A vast improvement over the predecessor...
And it still looks like flaming shit, for the most part
Sound 0
Imagine how much you hate Celine Dion and Lou Bega
Now imagine how much more you would hate it if they performed a duet with a symphony of people scratching thier nails against a blackboard, with the "Wassup" guys providing the chorus, that's this game
Innovation 2
No one's ever tried it quite like this before
That could be because 'this' sucks shit
Gameplay 1
Reeeaaaally bad play control
Replay Value 1
You may want to pull it back out after a year or so to test your bravery
Other than that, this game is going to sit in your collection until it's petrified

Overall Score