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Chip 'n Dales Rescue Rangers
Reviewed 5/23/00

Rescue Rangers is about as basic as you get as far as sidescrollers go, but it still manages to be a lot of fun and will have you playing it again and again. The play mechanics revolve around the idea of picking up various objects (boxes, apples, stuff like that) and throwing them across the screen to defeat the enemies. Other than that, there is really nothing much to speak of in the way of innovation, there's no special moves, no secret levels, no extras of any kind. In the games defense though, it does allow you to choose which levels you play, to an extent, giving it some replay value.

Most gamers will beat this game within an hour, let me just say that right now. It's the easiest NES game I know of. Despite this, it manages to get a lot of time inside my NES. Capcom goes about this game in all the right ways. The graphics are bright, clear and cartoony, in vain of the original Disney series. The music in the game is truly amazing, and among some of the best that Capcom has ever produced. Each and every track is done with excellence, I sometimes find myself playing just to get to a certain level so I can listen to the music.

Despite these things, Rescue Rangers is too simple and basic to make it a classic, but it's still a great game to have. Definately worth the money.

Graphics 8
Bright, Capcom graphics true to the cartoon
Repetitive sprites and basic design
Sound 9
Some of the best on the NES
Nothing bad here! Really catchy tunes on every level
Innovation 5
About as basic as you get, nothing new here
Still, for a simple game it is certainly done right
Gameplay 7
The game is a lot of fun!
Rudimentary level design, much too easy
Replay Value 7
It has the number 1 ingredient for a lot of replay value, it's a ton of fun...
But it has none of the other ingredients
Overall Score